The anatomy of how we book trips

If it seems like I’m coming out of no where with this next trip it’s because I am. It wasn’t really supposed to be a last-minute trip but here we are, leaving for South America next week. Here’s how it all went down…

Initial Decision: Do we take a trip?

Fly by the Seat of her Pants Julie: Yes!

Mom of Twin Toddlers Julie: Sure.

Pants Julie: Well that was easy! This trip planning thing is going to be a piece of cake.

Travel Guru Julie: Absolutely. I mean if you think about it, after the girls turn two in July they’ll need their own plane tickets, so actually, it would be fiscally irresponsible to not take a trip before then. Think of all the money we’ll be saving!

Lap babies are the best! (En route to Panama circa 2015)

Pants Julie: We should definitely use that reasoning when we mention this to Brings Home the Bacon Andy.

Mom Julie: Oh for sure.

Bacon Andy: (walks through the door and sees Google Flights on the computer screen) You guys are crazy. We’ll just have to see.

All the Julies: Yeah, we’ll just have to see. (wink, wink)

Next Decision: Where do we go?

Pants Julie: Anywhere!

Mom Julie: Hmm… Let’s think about that for a second. Do you remember how poorly Paige and Millie adjusted to the time difference in Europe last fall?

No Rose Colored Glasses for This Guy Andy: Poorly? That’s the understatement of the year. They thought bedtime wasn’t until 4 AM! It was miserable!

So Sleep Deprived She Remembers Nothing Julie: It wasn’t that bad. I mean, look how cute they were in Belgium at 2 AM. And remember, we all learned French too!

Toddlers who are not asleep because they think it’s the middle of the afternoon. (Belgium circa 2015)

Guru Julie: (Shakes her head in pity because she knows that crazy lady doesn’t know anything anymore) Maybe we should stick to somewhere in the Americas, somewhere without such a drastic time difference.

Pants Julie: Good call. Okay, so we’re down to about 35 countries, let’s knock that list down to 23 by taking out places we’ve already been. Whoo hoo! We’re going somewhere new!

Mom Julie: Okay, I can get behind that call. Let’s take it one step further and take out places where we might run into altitude sickness, malaria or really long flights that don’t match up with nap or bedtime schedules.

Bacon Andy: Let’s also knock out a few others with expensive Caribbean resort prices or cost prohibitive plane tickets.

No Sleep Julie: Ugh, yeah… no resorts. Do you remember how fat I got at that one in Jamaica? And all the cocktails tasted like bottled water? And how it all made me so nauseous and easily fatigued? Resorts are the worst.

But yeah, pregnancy aside, we did decide that we’re not really resort people. (Jamaica circa 2014)

Guru Julie: (Fiddles with Google Flights a bit more and does a few quick Airbnb checks) The verdict is Chile!

Pants Julie: Yay!

Bacon Andy: You guys are crazy. We’ll just have to see.

All the Julies: Yeah, we’ll just have to see. (wink, wink)

Next Decision: When do we go?

Pants Julie: Now!

Mom Julie: Let’s think about this. The older they’ll be, the easier it will be. We won’t have cribs and I think they would kill us if we pulled out their travel tents one more time, so I think the closer we get to their birthday without going over, the better. How about June? Also, that would give us plenty of time to potty train.

Yeah, those travel tents were great, but you’re right, they would not be happy to see those things again. (Panama circa 2015)

Pants Julie: Okay, I guess I can wait until June. Bacon Andy will like that plan too because we can build up our travel savings.

Bacon Andy: You guys are crazy. We’ll just have to see.

All the Julies: Yeah, we’ll just have to see. (wink, wink)

And then we waited to see…

And then this happened…

Crazy Andy All Hopped Up From His 4 AM Workout: (burst through the door at 5:30 AM) We should go to Chile next week!

Pants Julie: Yay!

Mom Julie: Next week? What? Why? You didn’t wake the babies did you. Lord help me if you woke the babies.

Crazy Andy: It’s the only time that makes sense. I have my work trip to Africa in late March and after that, my job here is going to get really busy and I won’t be able to take time off.

Later that day (via text):

Pants Julie: Guru Julie wants to know if she should buy the plane tickets right now.

Bacon Andy: I’m not sure.

Pants Julie: I’m not asking you, give the phone to Crazy Andy and ask him if I should go ahead and buy these puppies.

Bacon Andy: Stop pressuring me woman! You’re crazy!

Pants Julie: Nope, there’s no going back now. You were the one who busted in at 5:30 this morning saying ‘Let’s do this!’ Mom Julie was there, she’ll back me up.

Mom Julie: I hate to do this to you Bacon, but you really were the one who instigated this whole next week thing.

Bacon Andy: Come on guys… cut me some slack and let me think about this.

Crazy Andy: (grabs the phone) Plane tickets are a go! They’re a go I tell you! Buy, buy, buy!

Pants Julie: Done and done! I’ll email you and Bacon the itinerary!

Frazzled Parents of Twins Julie and Andy: (panicked, confused, wearing stained clothes with messy hair just showing up to the conversation) You guys didn’t forget to invite Saves the Day Grandma, did you? TELL ME YOU DIDN’T FORGET TO INVITE GRANDMA!

Saves the Day Grandma: I’ll start packing!

Saves the Day Grandma just has to come, she just HAS to! (Netherlands circa 2015)


And that is how a trip gets planned at the Shamblin house. That’s right, we leave for Chile in less than a week. The plan is to see the sights in Santiago, ride the funiculars in beautiful Valparaiso and explore the wonders of the otherworldly Atacama desert.

Wish us luck and hopefully Blogger Julie will have lots to work with when she returns. She sure beat out Packing Julie and Needs to do Laundry Julie this morning when she sat down and write this post. She also is going to have a pretty annoyed Cooking Julie on her case when it comes out that in an effort to get a minute of peace to work on her blog she offered up a bunch of canned food as toys and pretended not to notice when Paige and Millie proceeded to remove all the labels. Such is life I suppose.

Girls playing with cans

And yes, they are wearing Christmas pajama bottoms. Thanks for noticing. 🙂

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