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A little about me: I’m a girl (Jules) who is married to guy (Andy) who happens to travel all over the world for his work. I’m a pretty lucky girl and I get to tag along a lot. Also, when he isn’t traveling for work, I like to drag him along to even more places all over the world. Back in the summer of 2014, we added two little travelers to our family when we had twin girls; Paige and Camille (Millie).

Here we are in Belgium.

When we’re not traveling, we can be found at home in Portland with our dog, Chaos. Right now the country tally is somewhere in the 30’s for Andy and I and 10 for the kids. I haven’t been everywhere, but where I’ve been I’ve loved and I can’t wait to either go back or go further.

This post talks about some of the places I’ve been. It also happens to be one of my favorite posts to look back on. If you’re really curious about where I’ve been, you can check out my Timeline & Gallery or browse my Posts by Location.

This post talks a little about why I’m blogging… to summarize, here’s a quote from that post:

Now that Andy is traveling all over the world at a record pace and, more often than not, I’m tagging along, [the need to keep these memories] is more poignant than ever. We’re spinning crazy fast in this amazing whirlwind and I don’t want to forget a second of it. I don’t want to forget the big things like running out of air while scuba diving in Honduras last January or the small things like how good German beer tasted with Duck Soup on those cold, snowy nights in Munich this last December.

This post talks a little bit about how I got started traveling.

This post talks a little bit more about Andy and this one explains about the whole cancer thing.

This post talks about the arrival of our twins.

And this post talks about the crazy adventure we went on to get our crazy dog.

6 responses to “About

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  2. Hey Jules! I’m Julie. Glad I found you – I do the same thing. Lived abroad for a bit and now settled in Portland with the husband and (new) dog. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  3. Hi Jules- so great you stopped in- love your pictures and places you have traveled to! Maybe Bahamas will be on your list 🙂 ? Wish I could manage to condense my posts into fewer words- you do a good job with that.

  4. Hi Julie,

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    Let me know if you’re interested, so that we can discuss further.

    Thank you
    Jose Gonzalez

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