What Happened to See Jules Travel?

I started my blog, See Jules Travel, back in March 2013 as a way to have fun and post about my travel – past, present and future. But then the future became the present and we started a family (BAM! Twins!) and when the time came for me to publish my 100th post, I had this to say:

I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis about my blog since I’ve had kids. My blog feels very singular, very me-oriented. The title, See Jules Travel, doesn’t include Andy and it doesn’t include Paige and Millie. It’s just me, me and my travels. Except that’s not really how things are. Don’t worry, this isn’t about to turn into a mom blog where I only post pictures of my kids and pretend to know how to parent. I do, however, think it’s time come to terms with the fact that from now on, a lot of my travel adventures, advice and anecdotes will come from traveling with a family and I think my blog and its title need to reflect that. Also, if the popularity of my last post tells me anything, it’s that people love to read stories about other parents’ misadventures, particularly if they’re made more interesting because they took place in some far off land.

So enter Worldwide Shambles. Get it? Because our last name is Shamblin and we frequently refer to ourselves as the Shambles, especially when things go awry. It is essentially the same blog, but just more inclusive of my family. Thanks for joining us on our journeys!

2015 - Europe - Dinant - Around Town Waterfront Family

All of us in Belgium, Fall 2015.