Friday’s Five Favorite Things: New places with old friends

Right now it’s sunny in Portland. Sunny. Right now. In October. In Portland. I love my city and to be honest, the rain doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers some people, but still, a little sun is nice now and then. Living in Portland does something to you; it makes you need certain things. I’m not just talking about the need to order organic beer or compost the contents of your vacuum bin, I’m talking about the need get out of the grey… to fly south for the winter.

Last winter a few of my friends and I did just that. Okay, so it wasn’t for the entire winter, it was just one weekend. Still, one long weekend in Carpinteria, near Santa Barbara, was enough time for us to recharge, reconnect and maybe, just maybe, get enough sun to shift our vitamin D levels from dangerously low to just low.

Getaways are great and here are my five favorite things from that trip…

1. Exploring new places

Going somewhere new is always fun; we walked along the beach, did a little damage at some local shops and come nightfall, we painted the town red.

Carpinteria railroad tracks near the beach.

Talking a shortcut home along some railroad tracks.

Carpinteria, California along the railroad tracks.

Then the sidewalk ended and it got a little rough. It wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle… although we may have had a few scrapes and bruises on our feet to show for it.

2. Reminiscing about old times.

All of the above mentioned things are great, but honestly, my favorite moments were just when we were sitting around talking. We’re all old friends and we have a lot of things worth reminiscing about. Any weekend spent laughing that much is a good one.

Margaritas in Carpinteria, California

Reminiscing is fun. Also, margaritas are fun.

3. Realizing how far we’ve come.

Even though we spent a lot of time talking about the good ol’ days, it was also kind of cool to realize how far we’ve come from days of fraternity keggers and questionable spring break escapades. We talked about careers, talked about our husbands and half of us even had to make goodnight phone calls to little ones back at home. Our 20s were fun, but being 30 isn’t too bad either.

Portland waterfront walk.

Here some of us are in Portland that same month. Notice the grey weather. Also notice all my friends with their babies – and of course me with my dog.

4. But acting like we’re still young.

Santa Barbara girls weekend.

Cocktails, beer, drinking games AND festive noisemakers?! Can you say wild and crazy?

Seriously though, we had some fun.

Fishbowl drinks in Santa Barbara.

Fishbowl drinks in downtown Santa Barbara? Yes, please.

Drinks in downtown Santa Barbara.

Almost like college – except there were more tube tops in college. Yeah, definitely more tube tops.

5. Knowing that they’ll be many more to come.

The votes are in and for 2014 we’re heading to the live music capital of the country, Austin, Texas. I’m blessed with the most amazing friends and we plan on making girls trips an annual tradition. Some years I’ll be able to go and some years I might not and the same goes for any of my friends. Either way, we’ll all always know we’re welcome, and that, more than drinking margaritas in the sun or busting out decade old dance moves in a club, is what friendship is all about.

Margaritas in Carpinteria.

I’ll toast to that… because, really, margaritas in the sun never actually detract from a trip!

And for the one thing that wasn’t so great…

Life gets too busy and not everyone could make it.

On the Oregon coast in 2002.

Our first girls trip back in 2002… before careers, babies and adult responsibilities.

Carpinteria Beach

Just five of us on this beach.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy the cold, but sunny, weather. Also, I’m sort of in charge of the planning the Austin trip and I really need to get around to sending out an email to schedule a planning meeting. Yes, I said meeting. You can take the girls out of the sorority but you can’t take the sorority out of the girls. What do you want to bet that one of them suggests that we make T-shirts.

6 responses to “Friday’s Five Favorite Things: New places with old friends

  1. Julie, you’ve made my eyes water! I leave this evening to meet a couple girls from my class at the OSU/Cal game and just seeing these pics of your smiling faces and remembering welcoming you all into the house was a wonderful little pick-me-up before the road trip ahead of me. Enjoy your trip to Austin, TX Ladies! ITB.

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