They’re here!

I apologize ahead of time for this post in case it seems disjointed; I’m a little sleep deprived these days. Why? Because the twins have arrived! I know this is a travel blog and not a mom blog, but these little monsters represent the biggest journey of my life so far and that’s travel related enough for me.

Here’s the scoop… In the wee hours of the morning on July 18th I found myself on an operating table being handed a beautiful little girl. Fun fact – it was my first time holding a newborn. I was immediately overwhelmed with love, wonder and fear that I was going to drop her… and then they handed me another one. Luckily, everyone stayed safe in my arms.

Here I am before that happened:

Look how huge I am!

Look how huge I am!

And here they are:

Meet Paige Anne Shamblin and her younger sister Camille Taylor Shamblin (aka Millie) born 6 lbs, 12 oz and 6 lbs, 11 oz respectively.

I might be biased, but I think these two kids are pretty awesome.

I can’t believe we made these.

We were thrilled with the fact that I made it to 38 weeks (even if it was by just three hours) and we were thrilled with their weights (because twins are notorious for being small). Also, we were thrilled because they are just so darn perfect.

Millie and Paige.

Millie and Paige.

I’m pretty smitten with these two crazy kids so I’m going to add a few more pictures even though it has absolutely nothing to do with travel.

They’re pretty cute, like when they wear duck towels after baths.


And for the most part they’re very sweet, like here:


But sometimes they throw up gang signs and you wonder about their future:


Andy is great with them:


And I like to think I’m getting the hang of this whole being a parent thing too.

2014 - Newborn - Julie Feeding Millie

Overall, we’re feeling pretty blessed at the Shamblin house; very blessed and also very tired. Even poor Chaos is sleep-deprived. Who knows why, but he feels obligated to drag himself out of bed for every feeding and I swear the last three weeks has aged him three years (which in dog years is really saying something.)


I’m not going to lie, my blog might slow down a bit while I get used to being a mom but don’t worry, we already have an international trip in mind for the not-so-distant future and I’m sure there will be plenty to write about then. We got their birth certificates and all that’s left to do is apply for their passports and teach them how to score good deals on airfare.

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