My sister has a dirty mouth

Eating a cockroach in Cambodia

Oh no she didn’t!

Okay, so her language isn’t really all that bad, but just look at what she’s eaten. I mentioned the cockroach cuisine in yesterday’s post and afterward she sent me the pictures.

She was on a bus in Cambodia when her and her Vietnamese friend noticed a girl snacking on a bag full of them. Then, as luck would have it, the girl offered to share her snack. The proper way to eat a grilled cockroach, apparently, is to pull off the head and legs and pop it in your mouth, so my sister did just that… albeit not without a bit of hesitation.

The verdict? Once it was all said and done, she maintains that if you can get past the gross factor, the flavor was pretty tasty – although I don’t think she went back for seconds.

Eating a cockroach in Cambodia

Oh yes she did!

Despite no way to verify this, she likes to think they were raised for consumption and not just found in someone’s bathroom. She’s also mentioned that eating this one has given her the mental upper-hand when facing his scuttering relatives all over the world – bathroom floor or not.

So what do you think? Do you think my girls will be as brave as their courageous Aunt Leslie? Only time will tell.

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