Foreign Findings: The journey home and a horrible woman at the Bogotá airport

Andy and I got back from Colombia on Tuesday night. I sat down today to organize my photos and my thoughts and I can’t wait to get both of them into blog form. But first things first… it’s good to be home.

Getting here was a very long travel day. Actually, it was such a long travel day that we can officially say long travel days. As in plural. As in around 40 hours from the time we left our final hotel room to the time we walked into our condo. There were taxi rides (both long and short), plane rides (both long and short) and time spent waiting around (both long and short).

Andy in the Bogotá airport.

Andy waiting on the floor in the Bogotá airport.

As lengthy as our return was, it was also fairly uneventful and I only have two highlights to share with you.

The first is just a quick tip: should you ever find yourself flying out of Medellín, Colombia be warned that there are two airports. Two airports that are very far apart. Make sure you know this fact and make sure your taxi driver knows which one you need. If you don’t, you’ll feel foolish and you’ll pay extra. Also, U-turns executed by cranky cab drivers on busy Colombian highways are not for the faint of heart.

Secondly, should you find yourself trying to get some shut-eye at the Bogotá airport avoid this lady at all costs.

Girl singing at the Bogota airport.

She is just the worst kind of person.

Here is why she is so terrible. It was around 2 AM and in this particular area of the airport, which happened to be the most comfortable place to sprawl out and sleep, about 20 or so weary travelers were doing just that. Then, this happened:

Needless to say we were all abruptly woken up by the ruckus. What she lacked in talent she made up for in volume. And no, you shouldn’t have to be a good singer to enjoy singing but even the Aretha Franklins of the world should pick an appropriate time and place.

Good places to belt it out Bad places to belt it out
The shower Anywhere where lots of people are trying to sleep
Your car
A karaoke bar

She was just so thoughtless, so cruel.

For the sake of keeping this post PG-13, I’ll stick with those adjectives, but in all honesty, when she first started her unsolicited serenade I’m pretty sure everyone in the vicinity (including myself) had much harsher descriptive words going through our heads. Tired people, after all, are cranky people.

After a few minutes I made a Boiling Points reference. You know, that old MTV show where innocent people are subjected to all kinds of obnoxious behavior and if they don’t freak out they get $100. Well, we waited but we never got any money.

She was an airport employee and from either a productivity standpoint or a customer service standpoint, she needs to be fired immediately. No one, not even the nearby construction workers or the patrolling security personnel seemed to find her hour-long musical antics amusing. Yes, there were construction workers nearby and the noise from their work was barley a blip on the annoying-noises radar compared to this crazy lady.

Eventually, after enough groans from her unwilling audience and a forceful “SHHHHHHHHH!” or two, she moved on. We all went back to sleep and tried to forget that nightmare of a woman.

The next morning, we flew home.

And we found this:

Portland at dusk.

This beautiful photo of beautiful Portland is far out of my photography skillset. CC Image courtesy of Kables on Flickr.

And this:

Chaos the Wheaten Terrier

Isn’t he cute.

But then we also found this:

Empty fridge after travel.

This was a bummer.

So now I’m home. I did some laundry and I did some grocery shopping. I’m enjoying my own bed, my own shower and the water that comes out of the tap. Also, as I was getting ready for bed last night, I relished in the fact that I could generously slather on my face cream and not have to worry about rationing it out to ensure that it will last for a set number of days.

Happiness is all in the little things, I suppose. It’s good to be home. 🙂

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