Really, really big news and the real reason I went to Boardman

Back in November, I wrote about my upcoming trip to Boardman, Oregon. Boardman isn’t exactly on par with some of my more exciting trips and after my little rant about how it was really inconvenient to get there, some of you might have wondered, “Why bother?” I couldn’t tell you at the time, but the thing is, I had some really, really big news to tell Andy.

But first things first, here’s a little backstory of the preparation that went into that trip. Sometimes you plan a moment in your head and it’s just perfect, just absolutely flawless. Then, you take all the necessary steps to make the reality just so. You work hard to buy the right thing, prepare it exactly the right way and make everything perfect. Then, sometimes you can’t keep your big mouth shut and you totally self-sabotage but end up with an okay version anyway. Here are both versions of my trip to Boardman.

Version A (aka the way it was supposed to go down):

It would start with a beautifully wrapped package and one of those expensive bows that I’d always shaken my head at when I’d seen them in the store in the past. Seriously, who spends $2.99 on a bow when all people care about is the gift inside. But this time, I do care, so I buy the special bow and it’s just perfect.

Gift for Andy

Then I pack my overnight bag and grab my lovely gift and head down to the neighborhood train. The train takes me to the airport where I pick up my rental car. I feel mysterious and cool because traveling with a pretty package with the expensive bow makes me look like I have some kind of awesome secret… which I do.

Bags packed for trip.

Then I get in the rental car and head down the highway. In an effort to document the trip, I take my life into my hands by trying to get a selfie in the rear-view mirror. It’s a success; I get the shot and I don’t crash the rental car.

And then I continue to drive along and appreciate the stunning views like this…

Columbia River Gorge and Trains.

Because for all my whining about having to rent a car, driving along the Columbia River Gorge is actually a really breathtaking and enjoyable drive.

Wind turbines along the Columbia River Gorge.

I finally pull into the hotel in Umatilla and strategically place the gift in just the right spot, first trying it out propped up against the outside of the door, then on the table and finally on the foot of the bed. After a long day of work, my husband wearily comes back to his cold, unwelcoming hotel room only to discover it suddenly feels warm and homey now that the love of his life has arrived. He notices the gift and after a welcome kiss he opens the pretty package with the expensive bow.

Pregnancy reveal book and card.The cat is out of the bag and my husband will first kiss me and then kiss my soon-to-be-growing belly. A few tears of joy will be shed because it is exactly what the two of us wanted.

Also, Andy will be in awe of not only my ability to grow a human life, but also my amazing ability to keep such a big secret, because after all, telling someone in person is the only way to share news of this magnitude.

And we’ll live happily ever after. The end.

This is Version B (aka what really happened):

Andy left for Boardman on Sunday afternoon. Monday morning I took a pregnancy test and vowed (VOWED!) to keep the positive results a secret until I could tell Andy face to face. Instead I planned his surprise gift and talked my dog’s ear off in lieu of spilling the baby beans to any actual person. In the evening Andy and I chatted on the phone and said our goodnights and operation ‘Keep the Biggest News of our Lives a Secret from my Other Half’ remained intact.

Upsidedown Wheaten Terrier

Don’t worry, I swore him to secrecy before I told him my news. And as you can see, he takes everything very seriously.

Tuesday saw another positive pregnancy test and the hardest dinner of my life with my mom and my sister. Again, I successfully told Andy about my day and said goodnight over the phone without so much as a peep about the fact that our lives were about to change forever.

Wednesday brought yet another positive result and I was in the home stretch because after all, I was driving out to see Andy the very next day. Our evening chat went smoothly and we said goodnight.

And that’s when things went awry.

A few hours after we’d said goodnight I lay in bed knowing that Andy, who had to get up far earlier than I, was probably already fast asleep. I didn’t care. I called back and whispered my news over the phone.

It wasn’t the storybook way to tell your husband that you’re pregnant; it wasn’t very romantic, creative or dramatic. Still, all those years ago, lying in the dark and telling secrets over the phone was how our relationship began, so I guess it’s fitting to have that be how the next phase of our life starts too.

Twins ultrasound

Oh, and we’re having twins… did I not mention that? 🙂

They’ll be making their debut sometime in July. Learning how to travel with two new little human beings is going to be a wild ride, one that I hope you’ll stick around for!

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