Life is what happens: The storm before the calm

Right now I have about a half-dozen half-finished blog posts in my blog queue. Most are about Colombia and some are about other trips. None of them are about cancer. All of them are more fun than this one. Bear with me – Andy goes in for surgery tomorrow.

So if you’re still reading this after that doozy of an intro, here it goes. We are on edge here at the Shamblin household and I’ve been busy. Like they say, when the going gets tough the tough get going run around and make lots of extra work for themselves by doing anything that will prevent them from sitting still in one place and worrying.

I’ve arranged for neighbors to take the dog out, I’ve made extra condo keys for relatives who will be staying with us, I’ve made up the guest room, I’ve put together a funny care package for after the surgery, I’ve packed our overnight bags for the hospital, I’ve grocery shopped, I’ve cleaned, I’ve done the laundry.

Essentially, I’ve done every thing there is to do – include driving Andy crazy.

Get it? I’m the storm. If I do one more needless household chore I think Andy might actually duct tape me to a chair. By the way, do you want a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie because I just made some. Seriously.

But now there is nothing left to do… except to wait. Nothing is even left to write. I have no end game for this post.

We’re going to go see Chicago tonight as part of Broadway Across America. I’m excited to see it and I’m excited to get out of the house for a nice date night with Andy. Honestly though, I’m also excited because it will provide us with that many more minutes of distraction. Surgery is at noon tomorrow. Too bad we only have tickets to one play.


See. No end game.

5 responses to “Life is what happens: The storm before the calm

  1. Oh! how much I relate, Julie. How does one stop and think, when all there is to think about sucks? ((hugs)) And yes, I’d love a cookie. Thank you.

  2. I’m so glad he has you there:) If you’re pissing him off, then he’s not worrying himself crazy! I wish you were here in WY, to keep my mind off of things! Or more appropriately, I wish I was there to help you drive him crazy!! Good job, Sister:) Take good care of him and Dad, cuz I’m betting you’re gonna be the only sane one! Oh, and be prepared for him to be a “grump,” to say the least……You know how men are at being sick or recovering from anything! MAKE HIM FOLLOW ALL THE DR’S INSTRUCTIONS!!! I know he’s gonna try to cheat on some of them;)

  3. We have all been waiting. We are are certainly glad and I know Andy is glad that you are at his side. Love

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