Where I’m Headed: As in right this moment

I’m kicking myself right now because I had this grand scheme, like I always do, to get everything done well in advance, before I leave on a trip. Although my to-do list does look pretty good right now, one thing is still uncrossed.

  • Clean house
  • Do all laundry
  • Do all dishes
  • Take out all garbage/recycling
  • Dye hair
  • Get haircut
  • Finish work
  • Do nails
  • Take Chaos to mom’s
  • Prep and schedule a super amazing blog post

Do you see it? The one that I failed at. It’s this; I failed at this.

So I’m throwing a quick post together to keep up my momentum of at least one blog post per week. In a few minutes I’m walking to the MAX station to take the train to the airport where I’ll head out to Dubai via Amsterdam. I’m crazy excited to see Andy and I’m excited to explore a new place with him, my very favorite travel-buddy of all time.

That is… if I recognize him.

Here is what he usually looks like:

Andy drinking Port

This is him in Porto, Portugal

This is what I’ve been looking at for the past two months:

Andy on Skype in Dhaka

Andy on Skype

And here’s what he just posted on his Facebook page for the reveal as to where he’s been all this time:

Andy on his last night in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Andy on his last night in Dhaka, Bangladesh

So yeah, needless to say, he’s been growing his beard out. I think he thought it would be this really cool thing to do but every time I talk to him he’s whining about it. I’m not sure if it will even last through Dubai let alone until he gets back home to Portland to show his buddies. I’ll keep you posted.

Okay, that’s all I have for my super amazing blog post. I’ll be back in a week and I’ll hopefully have done better that I did in The Philippines as far as seeing lots of cool stuff to share with my wonderful readers, all of whom deserve a better post than this.

I’ll leave you with this:  وداعا Which means goodbye in Arabic.

5 responses to “Where I’m Headed: As in right this moment

  1. The update on the beard is that it didn’t even last 6 hours here in Dubai. He’s very happy to have it gone but now he says his face is cold.

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